If you’re a Bachata dance fan then you need to know the name Adam Taub.

Adam (pictured below) is a dance instructor who has produced several educational videos and documentaries on Bachata dance, history, and culture. He currently travels across North America teaching his workshop so make sure and check out his classes in a town near you!

Adam Taub 2

Adam, Edwin Ferreras, Daniela Grosso, and Carlos Cinta are a few of the instructors leading the way in educating the latin dance masses about traditional style Bachata, and they often can be found at events together including the upcoming Bachata B.E.A.T.S. (Bachata Education About Traditional Style) in Toronto.

We love all styles of Bachata (Moderna, Dominican Fusion, Bachatango, etc…), but it’s also important to know how the citizens of the birthplace of the Bachata actually dance it!

The video above is a short video produced by Adam detailing different Dominican Bachata dance styles.  And before you ask…yes, this footage is from the Dominican Republic and captures how the dance is done in their country.

For more information on Adam check out the resources below!

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Article on Bachata B.E.A.T.S. event coming up in Oct 2014! 




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