HOMETOWN: Santurce, Puerto Rico

BEST KNOWN FOR: Salsa, Mambo

Ortos J. Gutiérrez Ortiz, better known as Tito Ortos, is an influential instructor, choreographer and performer in the latin dance scene.  He was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, on December 26, 1974.  He is a well known for his smooth but exciting style and has taught and performed at every major salsa congress in the world as well as judging international competitions along with his wife and dance partner Tamara Livolsi.


  • After finishing a Natural Science Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Puerto Rico, he studied bass and clarinet and worked as a singer with his father’s band.
  • Started his dancing career at the encouragement of his parents.
  • Is also an outstanding dancer of genres such as: Jazz, Merengue, “Bomba y Plena”, Rumba, and modern dance.
  • Is a member of the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress organization along with Tamara.
  • Tamara was born in Argentina on February 24, 1978, but was raised in Puerto Rico. She inherited the art of dancing from her mother and has more than 20 years experience in many forms of dance including, jazz, ballet, and hip hop she is a versatile dancer and internationally respected performer and instructor.
  • Both Tito and Tamara have participated in various television commercials, dance videos and movies including, “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”, Yellow, El Cantante: Hector Lavoe, and American Gangster (Denzel Washington), as dancers.
  • Tito teaches a very educational and informative “Musicality & History of Salsa” at salsa congresses.
  • In addition they own and operate (with Danny Lugo, choreographer) Rhythms Dance Studio.
  • Tito is the Director of the San Juan City Salsa Dance Program and has choreographed routines for many artists including Víctor Manuelle, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Michael Stuart, El Gran Combo, Richie Rey y Bobby Cruz, Domingo Quiñones, Ismael Miranda, Elvis Crespo, Cheo Feliciano, Modesto Cepeda, Andy Montañez y Tego Calderón.
  • He was also the coreographer for the “Bomba” and “Cha-Cha-Cha” routine in Ricky Martin’s appearance in Miss Universe 2001 and the Celia Cruz “Azúcar” Special in Miami in 2003.
  • As a jazz dancer he has performed with Melina León, Yaire, Elvis Crespo, Olga Tañón.



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