If you’re a webmaster then you probably check your statistics periodically just to see how your site is doing.  You also check your “Search Engine Terms” to see what keywords people are using to check your site. Topics surrounding Albir Rojas and Sara Lopez are frequent searches that bring people to Dance Planet Daily, and this question apparently is OFTEN asked in search engines: Are Albir and Sara a couple? (or dating).

So, I just want to say for the benefit of everyone interested (as well as Albir and Sara) that they are NOT a couple and haven’t been a dance couple for a while. The once popular Kizomba duo were dance partners for four years until September, 2013.

Sara Panero is Albir’s primary dance partner as of 2016.

Reda Becili became Sara’s new dance partner in February, 2015.

If you’d like to read Albir’s statement concerning the end of their partnership you can read it here: Albir Rojas/Sara Lopez statement.

Below is a video interview with Sara and she spoke on the subject.

We at Dance Planet Daily have no interest in being a dance gossip site, but the question comes up so much that we figured it was time to answer it for the masses who have no direct contact with Albir or Sara.

So…there you have it!



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