Salsa dancing is a true artform.

Salsa dancing at its peak can be a beautiful sight to behold…the timing, the flare, the sensuality.  The real question is…

Can you do all of that while wearing a Darth Vader costume?

Or while dancing underwater…?

Welcome to S-A-L-S-A.

“Superb And Lame Salsa Activities”.

Yeah, that title is a stretch…but you’ll live. Watch the videos. These ten are our favorite S-A-L-S-A videos :).

#10  – Salsa dancing your pants off.

#9  – Dancing salsa or stepping on cockroaches? Oscar De Leon would be proud.

#8 – I never realized there was so much pointing in salsa dancing…must be a new style.

#7 – Chinese couple…near mountains in Germany…dancing Salsa…in the snow.  It’s like a Bob Ross painting. 

#6 – Naturally if you can dance salsa in the snow…you can dance salsa underwater in scuba gear!

#5 – “Salsa” dancing…in the hood?  Salsa music has its roots in African rhythms…but maybe not African-American rhythms.  And, yes, I’m black so I can say that :). (Contains profanity).

#4 –  Grandma breaks it down salsa style…hopefully she can get up in the morning. 

#3 – Anyone who can combine Salsa and Street Fighter makes our list. Watch to the end to see who the “winning” fighter is. Go South Korea!

#2  – These adorable kids dance Salsa faster than I can think…wow.  And wow in a good way. 

#1 – on our list…Salsa dancing in a Darth Vader costume while playing a trumpet.  Enjoy.


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