Omar “Roxrite” Delgado is an influential performer in the bboy dance scene.  He was born in Mexico and emigrated to the USA at the age of 6.  He is known for having immense technical skill as a dancer and the ability to stick freeze combinations.







  • At age 12, Omar started dancing after being influenced by local bboys.
  • His first crew, Sub 4, soon became a heavy focus on Omar’s life. His dedication to the dance and his style of bboying gave way to his new name, “Roxrite,” a term referring to how he always “rocked right.”
  • He was influenced by notable names in the bboying culture such as Ken Swift, Remind, Thunder and Ground Level,
  • Roxrite has won first place in 77 different competitions and won nine consecutive solo tournaments from Dec. 2002- Aug. 2005. His style is extremely strategic. Judges for past tournaments have described him as very well-rounded and complex with his moves. His quick thinking is displayed on battle floors and he highly regards repetition as a symptom of failure.
  • His affiliations include the crews Renegades, Squadron, and The Break Disciples, but he competes as a solo dancer.

Primary source: Roxrite Official Facebook.



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