Ronnie Abaldonado is an influential instructor and performer in the bboy dance community. “Ronnieboy” (as he is known) was born on October 9th, 1982 and is of Filipino decent. He is known for having moves that have a high degree of difficulty but are always very clean. His signature moves include different variations of freezes and intricate footwork transitions combined with power moves.


  • Won the Red Bull BC One in 2007 (South Africa) against fellow US competitor Roxrite.
  • He represents two crews: Full Force and Super Cr3w. With Super Cr3w he won the MTV Show “America’s Best Dance Crew”.
  • Ronnie was living in Guam when he first saw breaking. Growing up, he watched his older cousins perform in the late 80’s, but he didn’t start B-Boying himself until the mid 90’s, while living in California. He was inspired by watching his older brother Rodolfo and Ronnie’s goal was to be as good as him.
  • The first time that he traveled overseas to battle was in 2003 for “Seven to Smoke”.  The  battle was at the prestigious I.B.E. (International Breakdance Event) in Holland. His victory was a turning point in his dance career and he describes the experience as “epic”.
  • He is an artist who loves to draw.
  • Was featured in the bboy documentary “Turn It Loose”.
  • Ronnie first learned about Hip Hop culture, in the mid 1980’s and was fascinated with Hip Hop cult classic movies like “Wildstyle” and “Beat Street”.

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