You spoke and we listened!

The individuals below are dancers that we didn’t include in our list, but you let us know that they should’ve been!  We went through our comments and emails, and came up with “The List That We Missed!”

We really enjoy the passion that everyone has for their favorite dancers, and the fun discussions that it fosters.  Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Also, a special thank you to the many dancers listed on our TOP 10 lists for commenting!

We will continue to pursue interviews and post profiles of your favorite dancers so their stories, and dance philosophies can be shared with the dance community.



5. Arlette Guerra (Dominican Republic) – Parters with Carlos Hernandez of the popular NYC based Zafire Dance Project.

4. Cecile Ovide (France) – Dance partner of Terry Tauliaut and instructs at the latin dance school “SalsAlianza”.

3. Candy Mena (Domican Republic) – Versatile dancer who has performed with many popular companies and artists including Caribbean Soul Dancers, Yamulee, Juan Matos and Eddie “The Mambo King” Torres.

2. Burju Perez (Istanbul) – Born in Istanbul, but raised in NYC. Popular choreographer and performer who is probably most famous for her dance inspired shoe-line, Burju Shoes.

1. Karel Flores (Mexico) – The overwhelming #1 salsera for our “The List That We Missed”.  She quickly rose through the ranks at Yamulee and since going solo has become a globally popular instructor and performer.

Also mentioned by readers were:  Gabriela Equiz-Jasso, Monica Melito, April Genovese, Nancy Ortiz, Maria Torres, Kimberly Flores, Yahaira Casanova, Ivonna Brochinska Anya Katsevman, Ahtoy Wonpat Borja, Erell Niane, Tamara Ortos, Zulmara Torres, Emily Alabi, Violeta Salsera, Aisha Koswara, Lori-Ann Perez, and Katrina Quintal.


5. Fernando Sosa (Uruguay) – Veteran salsa dancer who is director of the Tropical Gem Dance Company.

4. Mario “Super Mario” Hazarika (India) – “The Man With A Million Moves” definitely needs to be on any top salsa/mambo list.

3. Mouaze Konate (France) – popular French dancer, choreographer and instructor.  Konate has taught all over the world, and is renowned for his showmanship, and creative choreographies.

2. Franklin Diaz (Dominican Republic) – Was also on our “Honorable Mention” list, but I guess he should be higher!  One of the more dynamic dancers in the salsa world, he is the innovator of a unique flamenco/salsa style.

1. Mitchell Provence (Curacoa) – A very fluid and expressive dancer.  Mitchell trained with influential dancers such as Eddie Torres and Frankie Martinez, and has became a favorite of dancers across the world.   Mitchell is the #1 Salsero on “The List That We Missed”.

Also mentioned were: Darlin Garcia, Joel Dominguez, Edwin Rivera, Victor Perez, Yand Klaise, Jose Diaz, James Cobo, Paul Baarn, Yand Klaise, Thomas Guerrero, Chiquito, Rodrigo Cortezar, Marco Ferrigno, Francesco Scalvenzi, Falco Benalcazar, Alfredo Torres,Maykel Fonts, Roly Maden, Mike Faya, and Tito Ortos.

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