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Tanja Kensinger (age 28 in 2014) is a popular bachata dancer, performer and instructor.  Tanja was born in Germany and her nickname is “La Alemana” (The German).   She doesn’t speak Spanish although people sometimes mistake her for Hispanic.  She started dancing at age 3. Her mother would take her to tap, jazz and ballroom classes.  Tanja immigrated to the USA in 1996 by way of the military.  She learned salsa in 2005 and her first partner was Nery Garcia.  Tanja began teaching professionally in 2008 with Jorge “Ataca” Burgos.  Initially they were primarily dancing salsa but switched to a bachata emphasis after a friend of Tanja recommended they do a routine together.  They have a dance organization called Island Touch Dance Academy that currently has 15 teams scattered across the globe. Ataca and Alemana have become bachata Youtube sensations…with one of their videos topping the 90 million view mark on YouTube.

Her goal is to open up a dance school and work with kids.  Tanja has traveled all over the world performing at various bachata and salsa festivals.  She has performed with popular bachata artists such as Toby Love and Xtreme.

Click below to hear a Podcast interview with Tanja Kensinger: 

Tanja Kensinger Interview

Below are some videos of her in action.

#1 (90 MILLION views on YouTube!)







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