HOMETOWN: New Delhi, India 

Most Known for: Salsa

Magna Gopal is an influential salsa performer and instructor in the latin dance community.  She was born in India (1981), but her family moved to Toronto, Canada when she was a youth.  She began salsa dancing in 1999 after being inspired by the Vanessa Williams movie, “Dance With Me”.  Gopal learned quickly and after only her third lesson she was helping the instructor teach his beginner classes.   Most of her skills were developed through social dancing and practice.  She has become a world reknowned salsa dancer and has traveled extensively around the world performing and teaching.  She is known for her body movement, musicality and incredible spinning ability.

She lists Mario “Super Mario” Hazarika and Sekou McMiller as two (among many) of the dance partners that she admires and is inspired by.   Gopal has released two DVD’s entitled, “Body Movement By Magna” and “Spins By Magna”.

For more information on Magna visit MagnaGopal.com.



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