Hometown: Guadelajara, Mexico

Best Known For: Salsa (On1)

Johnny Vazquez (born in 1979) is a popular performer and instructor in the latin dance scene.  He is part of the famed Vazquez brothers (Johnny, Francisco, and Luis Vazquez) who helped create and shape the ‘On1’, or L.A. Style, of salsa.  He is known for exciting routines, incredible body movement, and character acting, and singing in his performances.  He initially became interested in salsa after a young lady left him on the dance floor due to his lack of skills.  Soon afterwards he began taking classes from his brother Fracisco at his dance studio.   Johnny credits his brothers Francisco and Luis for being teaching how to dance.

He improved quickly due to hard work and a year later he was winning dance contests and championships.  Rogelio Moreno and Alex da Silva were also influential pioneers of the ‘On1’ style.  Johnny won first place in a dance competition at the famed LA Salsa Congress and that led to him getting a sponsorship from Bacardi, and teaching LA Style salsa all over the world.  He was given the nickname “Prince of Salsa” by Eddie Torres for his immense talent.   This was high praise as Eddie Torres has been dubbed “the Mambo King” for his contributions to mambo/salsa.  Vazquez was the first dancer to take this style to Spain, Portugal and Italy, and he has won three world dance championships.  He has a had a few primary dance partners over the years including Carolina Sarisola and Claudia Riva.  Vazquez had a passion for soccer growing up and played in college.  In 2001 Johnny founded the ‘Johnny Vazquez Dance Company (IMPERIO AZTECA).  He began a career as a singer and released an album entitled ‘Baila Rhumbero’.




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