HOMETOWN: San Francisco, California

Best known for: Bachata, Dominican Bachata

Carlos Cinta is a popular bachata instructor and teaches classes around the world.  His dance style, commonly known amongst his students as  ’Cinta Style’,  combines a unique brand of footwork with the traditional form of bachata.  Carlos is extremely knowledgeable about bachata and is known for his funny and carefree teaching style.  His musicality class offers students a valuable lesson in not only how to dance to bachata music, but also how to listen to it as well.  Carlos was born in San Francisco, but grew up in Chicago. He has Afro-latin roots as his mother is Mexican and his father is Ghanian. Carlos periodically collaborates with popular bachata singer Joan Soriano to teach his musicality class using live instruments.

Read Carlos Cinta’s interview with Dance Planet Daily.  Carlos Cinta Interview.



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