HOMETOWN: Lima, Peru


Adolfo Indacochea is a popular salsa/mambo performer and instructor in the latin dance community.  He moved to Monterrey, Mexico when he was 19 to study industrial engineering.   In 2001 Adolfo discovered salsa and began dancing as a hobby.  He later joined the Salzumba Dance Company.  Adolfo started out dancing on 1. It wasn’t until 2003, that he developed a passion for On2 dancing when he saw Eddie Torres and his Dancers perform at the New York Salsa Congress. He continued dancing and performing On1 while learning to dance On2 until it became his natural and preferred style.  After ten months, he began dancing and teaching on his own and later formed his first dance company named ‘Mamboss’.

In 2004 he moved to San Antonio, Texas where he began to teach at Semeneya Dance Company, and started performing with Claudia Vazquez.  Adolfo later moved to New York City, New York and in 2005 began dancing under the instruction of Eddie Torres.  After 8 months, Adolfo began to perform exclusively with Jessica Ortiz at the same time becoming one of the elite dancers in the Eddie Torres Company.   He performed with the Eddie Torres Company for two years.  Shortly after, Adolfo teamed up with former Eddie Torres dancer Melissa Rosado to teach and perform.  Then, in 2008, after moving to Spain, he worked with Sheila de Jesús until he joined with Carla Voconi in 2009.  Adolfo then moved to Milano, Italy with Tania Cannarsa and his current group Latin Soul Dancers.  He has performed and taught all around the world including the top cities in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Peru, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.  Adolfo has had the wonderful opportunity to perform with divas such as Amaryllis Cintron, Nancy Ortiz, Amanda Estilo, Duplessey Walker, and Jessica Ortiz.

Find out more about Adolfo at his site, Latinsouldancers.com.



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