So you’ve decided to learn how to dance…in the comfort of your own home!!  You’re wearing some comfortable shoes (or no shoes at all), water, and you’re ready to get your boogy on!  Below are some online & DVD courses that will get you started until you decide to take your sweet moves to the public.  If you know of any other great online/DVD dance products please let us know!

These courses below are intended to get you started in the particular dance you’ve chosen.

Sure, you can go to YouTube and learn Gangham Style or let your friend who dances Napolean Dynamite teach you to some tricks….but the courses below will give you a deeper understanding of the dances.  Let us know what you think of them!

Have fun!


Joel Dominguez Dance With Feeling

A dance series presented by popular NYC Salsa instructor, Joel Dominguez.  A great DVD series that teaches you not only how to dance salsa, but (more importantly) how to LISTEN to the music!  Don’t dance THROUGH the music…dance TO the music.  This is a MUST if you want to improve your salsa/mambo skills.  


bachata music and dance

Carlos Cinta is one of the best Bachata instructors in the world.  Like Joel Dominguez, he teaches you how to dance, AND how to train your bachata ear to accelerate your learning.


Hips On Fire Village offers a variety of courses in latin dances including Kizomba, Bachata, and Salsa.  The classes are offered in both English and Espanol. 


Belly Dance Course

Want to learn how to shake your hips like Shakira? We recommend this course from bellydance veteran Mariella Monroe.


Ballet Bible

Essential ballet instruction, techniques, and advice from expert, Anita Leembrugen.


Lets Dance Louis

Instructional Ballroom DVD series from “Dancing With The Stars” veteran, Louis van Amstel.  Learn ChaCha, Foxtrot, Waltz, Samba, Rumba, etc…


Dancing Course Pole

A very comprehensive fitness course for the “everyday woman” with instructor Amber Starr.  She proves that you don’t have to take your clothes off to get your pole dance on :).



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