Fabian Carvalho Lopez is an influential dancer in the bboy community.  He was born in Cascavel, Brazil and is  better known by the name “Neguin”.  He is known for his confident, acrobatic style which was greatly influenced by Brazilian martial arts. His style also involves death-defying jumps, speed movement, unpredictability, clean execution, high energy while keeping a constant rhythm.  He is part of the crew Tsunami All-Stars.


  • Neguin started dancing at the age of 14 in the streets of Cascavel. From freestyle dancing, social dances and Capoeira he ‘progressed to B-Boying.
  • He studied Capoeria as a child.  Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and is sometimes referred to as a game.
  • Neguin has experienced tragedy as his brother was killed in a knife fight in Brazil. He is very close to his sister.
  • In addition to breaking he also practices house and hip hop dancing.
  • He has won several bboy titles worldwide including the Red Bull BC One championship in Tokyo (2010).
  • Dance styles was influenced by Ken Swift, Rock Steady Crew and K-Mel. He admires K-Mel because of his ‘free’ style of dancing in every situation.
  • Performed with a London Dance company in the celebrated show ‘Blaze’.

Primary Source: Redbull.com



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