Mounir Biba is a popular instructor and performer in the bboy scene.  He was born in 1984 and is from Angers, France.  He is known for his energy and intricate style, and has won many bboy competitions across the globe. Mounir has been a member of the Vagabonds dance crew since 2004.







  • Discovered bboying at at 13.
  • Learned basics from Vagabond’s first generation B-Boys, especially from Mohamed Belarbi who is the founding and leading member of the crew.
  • Early on was inspired by B-Boys like Flow Master, EZ-Rock, Ivan, Storm, Remind and crews like Style Elements, Aktuel Force and Family.
  • Is a big fan of the soccer club FC Barcelona.
  • In 2008 entered the Guiness Book of World Records  by breaking the record for most windmills  in 30 seconds.
  • Has won several B-Bboy competitions including the UK Bboy champs (2011) and the Red Bull BC One World Final Rio (2012).

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