Los Anormales Del Mambo is (in our opinion) the best latin dance performance team in Dallas, TX…correction, all of Texas.  We’ve been to almost every Salsa, Bachata, Tango, etc congress in the Lone Star state these past couple years and no other Texas team can touch their precision, style, and skill.

Rodrigo Cortazar and Selene TovarLos Anormales is a California based dance company owned by Rodrigo Cortazar and Selene Tovar (pictured left).   Both Rodrigo and Selene are from Mexico and have performed and taught at various workshops, and festivals across the globe.  Johan Ibanez Vasquez is the director of the Dallas based affiliate of Los Anormales.

The Dallas team was born when Johan met Rodrigo for a private dance class at an event in Houston. There Cortazar mentioned the idea of a Dallas based Los Anormales team to Johan.  Ibanez was hesitant as he had prior commitments to other dance teams, but he later accepted the idea, and a partnership was arranged.  Rodrigo and Selene would provide choreography for the team and Johan would serve as the organizer and director.

Los Anormales Dallas is the consolidation of several Dallas based Salsa teams including Sabroso Tumbao and Rebelion.  The team is comprised of young, yet well-established dance instructors and performers: Johan & Alyssa Ibañez, Jessica Szota, Luis Collazo, Rieko Rivera, and Néstor J. Russell. Al Rivera (also a dance instructor and Rieko’s husband) periodically performs with the crew as well.  Luis and Nestor provide additional support such as helping secure gigs for the team.

Los Anormales Del Mambo 1

Los Anormales made their debut performance in 2013 at a Pura Salsa event in Dallas, and they’ve been killing it on stages across Texas ever since.   In addition to Texas, the team has performed in California, and Missouri.  They will continue to broaden their dance horizons with performances in Tucson, AZ and Denver, CO in the upcoming months.

Check out a few of their performances below!


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