There are tons of podcasts dedicated to latin music floating around the internet.

There are very few, to my knowledge, in which the primary focus is talking about latin dance topics.  If you’re into salsa, bachata, kizomba, etc talk then the podcast hosted by salsero Rob Castellucci might be for you! He frequently has guest hosts on to get other opinions.

Rob discusses all things latin dance including such fun/educational/interesting topics as:

  • The good and bad of salsa congresses
  • The future of salsa dance technology
  • The pros and cons of recording turn patterns
  • How to measure your improvement as a salsa dancer
  • Interviews with dance instructors
  • Interviews with musicians
  • And more…

I know he has an interview with Christian Tumalan of Pacific Mambo Orchestra (PMO) coming up soon. PMO is based in San Francisco, CA and won a Grammy for Best Tropical Album last year beating out the likes of Marc Anthony.

The podcast is available at, ITunes, and Stitcher.

In the show below Rob discusses technology and its impact on the future of Salsa.

Check it out :).



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