HOMETOWN: Sal, Cape Verde

BEST KNOWN FOR: Kizomba, Kaizen


  • Born in Cape Verde in 1978.  Cape Verde is an island country west of Africa.  The official language is Portuguese.
  • At 18 he moved to Portugal and entered the world of ballroom dance.  After ballroom he learned kizomba and embraced contemporary African dance.


  • He learned kizomba from one of the pioneers in the teaching of kizomba, Ze Barbosa.
  • In addition to being a dancer, he is also an aerospace engineer. He earned his doctorate in London.
  • Kwenda created and teaches a form of dance known as “Kaizen”. Kaizen is expressed through various tribal dance movements and the movements are a form of communication, and are meant to convey universal unity.
  • He is often seen wearing beads around his hands. The beads represent spirituality and things that are important to him.





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