Kim “Hong 10” Hong-Yeol is an influential dancer in the b-bboy/urban dance community.  He was born on December, 27th 1984 in South Korea. The name “Hong 10” comes from using a Korean language homonym and an English language pun. His nickname is always pronounced in English, so he is referred to as hong-ten regardless of the language context – whether Korean or English or otherwise.


  • His accomplishments include two Red Bull BC One individual titles (2006) & (2013) and a Battle of the Year crew title (2002).
  • Formed a crew called 7 Commandoz with the world renowned bboys Ronnie, Differ, Skim, Wing, and Dyzee. This crew is known for their originality and Futuristic style.
  • Represented Jinjo Crew with fellow 7 Commandoz members Skim and Wing in events such as the UK B-boy Championships 2009, Battle of the Year 2010, and R-16 Korea in both 2011 and 2012.
  • Some of his signature moves include spinning air chair, spinning reverse airbaby, walking halo freezes, handcuff mills to headspin drills, chair flares, and his signature “Hong 10 Freeze”.
  • He became a well-known bboy during 2002 when he exploded onto the scene being part of the Korean crews that won the then two most prestigious dance competitions  – Battle of the Year International and the UK B-Boy Championships.
  • He has also done well in many individual competitions, winning the 2006 Red Bull BC One. He finished as a finalist at many competitions including three times at the UK B-boy Championships.
  • Hong10 has served in the Korean Army.
  • He competes with Jinjo Crew regularly.
  • His army time restricts his time to go overseas to competitions.  From time to time he acts a judge for local tournaments and will compete if the tournaments are within South Korea.

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