HOMETOWN: McAllen, Texas

BEST KNOWN FOR: Bachata, Dominican Bachata, Bachata Rueda

Jorge Elizondo is a popular bachata instructor.   Bachata has swept across the world like wildfire, and Elizondo’s ‘World Bachata Tour’ continues to be instrumental in spreading the word of the Dominican born dance.  The World Bachata Tour (created in 2009) is a series of festivals and dance boot camps designed to educate, and instruct the world about bachata one city at a time.  Jorge (along with Rodney “Rodchata” Aquino) was a co-founder of the first bachata congress in the USA, the Reno Bachata Congress (2009).  He is a classically trained saxophone player.  Jorge is the organizer of several bachata events each year including the Dallas Bachata Festival and New York Bachata Weekender.

Read Jorge Elizondo’s interview with Dance Planet Daily.  Jorge Elizondo Interview.



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