Fred Maestro (Paris, France) is a popular Kizomba instructor in the latin dance scene. Dancing become a passion for him in 2001 when he attended a party with a friend, and was introduced to salsa.  He decided to take workshops and join the salsa craze.  Fred began dancing Kizomba in 2009 and learned from several different teachers.  He believes a good instructor must have sound methods of teaching.  fredmaestro

“An instructor may be great at social dancing, but if they can’t give you their passion and teach you the steps correctly then they aren’t a good teacher.”

Connection and dance awareness are two important lessons that he wants students to take away from his classes.

“If there are a lot of people around you have to be careful of space.  You have to take care of the lady.  She is our dance instrument and you should become one. If we break her then we break ourselves and we can’t dance anymore.”

Fred described his Kizomba style as sensual and passionate, but said that he tries to adapt to the style of the music depending on the tempo.  Currently, his favorite Kizomba song is, “Don’t Judge Me (M&N Pro remix)” by Chris Brown.

The Paris Kizomba Congress takes place in November and Fred hopes that the event will be a big hit. pariskizombacongress

“We have so many great teachers from all around the world, so we hope many people will attend the event.  We do the event over 5 days because we know people will want to tour the city as well.  On Wednesday and Thursday we have a special tour around Paris and we will dance under the popular monuments and sites.  We will also have a Kizomba flash mob.”

  Fred appreciates people who perform and believes that anyone can be good at dancing as long as they have the passion to do it.

For more information of Fred Maestro please visit Fred Maestro Facebook Page.


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