A handy salsa app from Christian Gutierrez and Latin Dance Factory.   This app allows you to learn salsa dance from the comfort of your mobile phone using video clips.  The lessons range from beginner to advanced.






  • A wide variety of turn patterns to learn.
  • Salsa Rhythm Interface that allows users to create their own salsa beats.  This is VERY handy for learning timing and pace.
  • Facebook integration


  • Not yet available for Android

We interviewed Christian at the Dallas Bachata Congress (2013) and he talked about the app.

The app features beginner to advanced sections and there are 30 lessons for each. It is progressive. It is available for your iPhone or iPad.  It received high marks by the New York Times in 2011.  It is one of the few latin dance apps available that offer salsa lessons in the form of video clips.  I did it so I can help spread salsa dance via a new medium of technology since people are shifting towards the mobile trend.. DVDs are becoming a thing of the past. I also offer a Bachata App, Kizomba App and Cumbia App. A new IOS 7 version will be available early next year.  All these are available through iTunes.




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