Edwin Ferreras and Daniela Grosso are Co-Directors of the New York based dance company, LFX Dancers. Together they form one of the most talented professional Bachata duos on the scene today. Edwin is from the Dominican Republic and Bachata was born in “The D.R.”, so it makes sense that they are leading the way in schooling the world on the real meaning of “Traditional Bachata”.  Daniela was born in Argentina and moved to Miami at a young age.  She brings an impressive set of dance skills and knowledge to the table as well.

“Traditional” Bachata is often confused with it’s more popular cousin, “Dominican Fusion” Bachata, but Edwin, Daniela, and a handful of other dancers (like Carlos Cinta and Adam Taub) are helping set the dance community straight.

Check out some of their great vids below!

Below: Edwin dancing with his girlfriend and dance partner, Daniela Grosso

Below: Ferreras dancing with his mom.

Below: Edwin Bachata Solo shines.

To see more great vids of Edwin, Daniela, and LFX check out their YouTube Channel: LFX Dancers YouTube Channel.

Also, check out Dance Planet Daily’s Interview with Edwin Ferreras.



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