HOMETOWN – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

BEST KNOWN FOR – Salsa, Mambo

Carlos Hernandez is an influential performer and instructor in the latin dance scene.  He is Co-Director of the Zafire Dance Project with Arlette Guerra.


  • Grew up dancing salsa in The Bronx, New York.
  • Didn’t begin dancing New York style ON2 salsa with Yamulee until his early 20’s.
  • Traveled the world performing with Yamulee at international salsa congresses in Hamburg, London, Manchester, Miami, Acapulco, Los Angeles, Chicago and dozens more alongside legendary Osmar Perrones, former Santo Rico teammate.
  • Victor Karisma, former Director of Santo Rico asked him to join Karisma Dance Company. He traveled and performed with Karisma at salsa congresses in Punta Cana, Boston and Dallas, as well as on T.V. including ColorVision, Telesistema, Univision and Teleantilla.
  • After performing with Karisma for some time, Carlos along with his partner at Karisma, Arlette Guerra, who also began her salsa dance career with Osmar Perrones over 10 years ago, decided to break away and perform as a couple.



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